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If you suffer from the problem of missing teeth, there is an affordable and efficient solution. Affordable Dentistry installs dentures of different kinds using state-of- art equipment and advanced techniques.

What is it?

Denture is a removable false tooth produced of acrylic (plastic), nylon or metal. If is installed over the gums to replace a missing tooth and solve the problems caused by gaps. Denture helps with eating and speech, totally restoring functionality and appearance of teeth. There are two basic types of dentures:

  • a complete denture replaces all lower or upper teeth;
  • a partial denture replaces one tooth or several missing teeth.

Why replacing missing teeth? The gaps in jaws can trigger misplacement of the other teeth and cause problems with speech and chewing, which in its turn affects digestion. Besides, absence of teeth can lead to gradual decay of jawbone that lost support. Absence of teeth affects both smile aesthetics and health.

What types of dentures do we make?

Affordable Dentistry offers dentures made of acryl and metals. The first option cost is relatively less out of pocket, and new teeth can be easily added to the existing acrylic denture. Such denture can serve for many years, if cared about properly. Chrome cobalt or titanium dentals have metal base that boosts the strength of construction and feels less bulky in a mouth. Our dentists can install different types of dentures, including:

  1. A full removable denture can be placed in patient’s mouth after the remaining teeth and gums have healed totally – it can take a few months;
  2. Immediate dentures are installed the same day when the remaining teeth are removed. You will need to visit a dentist beforehand to make the models of your jaw. After complete healing of the jaw you may need to have your denture remade or relined;
  3. Overdenture may preserve the jawbone and provides high stability and support of the denture. It may fit over several remaining natural teeth. Implants can perform this function as well.

Specialists from Affordable Dentistry make high-quality dentures that can serve for years. Responsible approach and agreeable prices make our clinic number one choice for patients with different dental issues.

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